Kitchen lab update

In our scientific endeavours at the University we serve three pillars:

  1. Research and pushing that little bubble of knowledge further into the unknown.
  2. Teach students.
  3. Serve society and open the dialogue with the public.

Carl Segan understood that very well and in the first rendition of the popular TV show “the COSMOS” and then the update by Neil Degrass Tyson brought some wonder to the people homes. Science, some teaching and entertainment.

Our little TV show Kitchlab is trying to do the same, and trust me I am not comparing me to the two well know scientist mentioned above, but hey we can all dream.

So after our first episode, soon our second, but just because it is so much fun here is our intro. Freshly pressed.

Our next episode is about how to do a tasty and health bbq. See you soon on our Youtube channel!




The dialogue starts here...

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