Cold wind and blazing sun…

18a2726So here I stand then, visible and open to the world. Another forum, yet different. Sure I wrote three posts on my LinkedIn page pretending I am producing clever posts. I have a collection of writing efforts out there: the Cave (my other blog), Wattpad, Google+, even some poetry in a collection in hard copy. So I think I am a writer.

So why do identify myself as a writer? I read a lot of books and discovered book, my own hiding places from that world when I was a teenager. Then I started writing little things, short stories. Even now they fall from my pen, almost effortless. Somewhat incoherent words from the consciousness. With that poetry followed. Long stories, the dream and attempts of a writing a whole book end always in a bog of quicksands of words. Now I am trying to write a book in a different way, it may work. I will let you know. Also I am older and have written more things at professional level, like theses, grants and text for scientific journals. Some sense of structure. I am a writer, because there are stories to be told. First I was younger, then I just needed to breathe stories: read and write. In and out. A tide of words. Now I am getting old(er), I have children. From somewhere there comes the need to share my exhaled air, the flood of outward words. Ego? Legacy? Sharing thoughts to find others who listen and who can connect with me at this level? Scared to be another anonymous soul among so many, so a needle-prick stab at mortality? Death is the ultimate conversation killer after all.

Writing is fun. A friend of mine he has a wonderful voice as a writer. On some levels we are alike, yet on so many levels so different. His internal contemplations and literary output are resonating. He is breathing his words often after he holds his literary breath. Savoring the input to explore the depths. Maybe in some writing efforts I am too impulsive. With him I am in a drabble war. A drabble is a 100 word short story, excluding the title. I provided the first title, the response a drabble and a new title for the other person, and so forth. My clever friend called it Wordexpanding. If you want to read them hop on over to “The Cave” (link on the left on this blog).

If you are interested in a drabble war with me, please comment. It is a great way to play with a certain genre or style one have never written in.

Over time I will write about several things related to writing from my perspective here. I hope it a journey from: “help I am writing!” to “please check out my latest book”. I have no idea how to get there, but I set out on my journey anyway.

~ Marco


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