Biotechnology and recyclability/circularity through Helsinki fashion week

I had the lovely opportunity to discuss with Olivia Rubens, a positive knitwear women’s wear designer, super interesting topics such as sustainability and fashion. These topics within the realm of biotechnology, synthetic biology, the end-of-life of our clothes, and side-streams are at the core of our beliefs. We also discussed human & climate positive centered garments and microbes,  creating new circular systems and new materials from glucose with fungi, and enzymes that eat plastics.

(c) Olivia Rubens and Marco G. Casteleijn. 2020.


An interview…

Dear friends,

Writing is an art, an art I hope to master some day. In the mean time it is good to have some fun and pretent. So here is an interview by Mercedesfoxbooks on her blog.

If you are interested about me and why I write please check it out. She had some great questions!

The full interview